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Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving Services

Collier Paving & Concrete has the experience, equipment, and crew to complete your asphalt paving project from start to finish. We handle the milling, overlay, and sealcoating of your asphalt project, as well as concrete patching and repair. We pride ourselves on projects completed on time and within your budget.

Asphalt Paving Process

1. Milling If we are repairing an existing asphalt surface we begin by milling the old asphalt to the required depth.

2. Asphalt Laying Preparation We clean the roadway to ensure the tack will properly hold.

3. Tack Roadway Tack is applied to the surface of existing asphalt prior to being overlaid with a new lift of asphalt or is applied between layers of asphalt pavement. Tack is a bituminous material that causes the various layers or lifts of asphalt to consolidate together.

4. Pave Asphalt Our top on the line equipment and professional asphalt team lay your new asphalt.

5. Roll and Compact Asphalt Rolling helps achieve maximum density of the asphalt.

6. Cleanup and Striping Once cured, any striping is applied and the site is cleaned.

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Asphalt Milling & Cold Milling

Experience quality asphalt planing and cold milling through our milling division. South Florida Milling preps your surfaces at a price to fit your budget.

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Asphalt Overlay & Sealcoating

Keep those surfaces sealed and protected with quality asphalt sealcoating and overlays designed to handle high traffic and harsh weather.

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Asphalt Driveway Patching & Repair

We deliver fast and reliable asphalt repair services including hole patching, crack repairs and more with a budget-friendly cost.

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  • High performance asphalt repair products built to last for roads, driveways, parking lots and more
  • Fast, efficient hole patching, crack filling, and other services
  • Edge to edge asphalt sealing for extensive protection against weather and traffic
  • Specialized foundation repair
  • Dependable cold milling/asphalt planing results at any thickness you need
  • Milling and mechanical trimming for any size/length
  • No-mess results through thorough, professional cleaning, using machine sweepers and manual cleanup procedures
  • Concrete lifting & cleaning services

HOA Street Maintenance

Collier Paving & Concrete performs street and community maintenance for Home and Condo Owner’s Associations throughout Southwest Florida. From curbs to asphalt paving, new signs, and striping, we do it all at cost-effective prices while respecting your community rules and regulations

HOA Street Maintenance Services from Collier Paving & Concrete:

Home Owners Association HOA Asphalt Maintenance

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Concrete, Milling, and Striping. We handle everything in house, so you don’t have to hire multiple subcontractors.

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More than 15 years delivering long-lasting concrete and asphalt paving results that add value to your property.

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Proudly serving Southwest Florida and operating right here in Naples.

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From start to finish, we do it all.

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